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Posted by Brandon Vasquez on Friday, September 16th, 2016 at 11:25am.

Get to Know the Berg Larsen Group this Autumn  

Like you, we have joys and interests that make the world go round. We have families we love to spend time with, causes we passionately support, hobbies and interests we affectionately get lost in. 

Please, take a moment to get to know the wonderful individuals who make up our team. As realtors, we want to guide you on your real estate journey. As people, we want to make you feel at home.   

Barry Berg, Founder and Professional Realtor

What does Fall mean to you?

Fall is probably nature’s most beautiful time of year.  It conjures memories of chilly Friday night football games and hot chocolate, raking and piling leaves before burning them in smoky, pungent fires (decades ago), the glow of sumac along highways and of leaves cascading into an open air convertible driving through tunnels of trees in New England, of carving pumpkins and walking through vineyards with a glass of wine.  Fall starts a fresh cycle each year, as students return to school and friends reconnect as days grow shorter and homeowners begin to light their fireplaces.

What’s your favorite farmers market? Why?

The Mill City Farmers Market is only 4 doors away from our home and is a delightful start to our Saturdays from May through October.

What are some healthy, fall inspired foods you love to prepare?

As the nights chill, fall becomes a wonderful time for soup, capped off by my upcoming 16th annual Soup Night, when I prepare 4 fresh soups from scratch to share along with salads and wine the night before Thanksgiving.

If you have a garden, what’s been doing well this year and what are you going to create with it?

Our terrace pots have a few herbs, but they’re more decorative than functional.

What do you love to do with kids in the fall? 

When my kids were younger, we always enjoyed raking the leaves in our yard into piles and playing in them. This was also a great time to visit apple and pumpkin orchards.  And my oldest son loved to festoon our yard with his version of spooky creatures, sound and smoke for Halloween.

How do you like to entertain in the fall? 

I love to use fresh local produce in creating salads and soups, so this is a terrific time to use root vegetables and other seasonal items not readily available at other times of the year. Especially with root vegetables, they are heartier and more appropriate at this time of year.

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