Too cold to leave to chance!

Posted by Brandon Vasquez on Friday, February 13th, 2015 at 1:22pm.

We couldn’t be more excited to assist clients in selling their homes. And, we love to help clients move into their dream homes. Typically, both of these moments are filled with excitement, anticipation and, well, a little bit of chaos. The bustle to gather all the required paperwork, do all the packing, and tie up all the loose ends involved in getting moved can leave both buyers and sellers a little overwhelmed.

 As our team has grown we work hard to simplify and expedite the process. We have an incredible office staff of licensed realtors who are well versed in the paperwork, procedures, and timeline of a sale. Together we all work diligently to get you moving into or out of a property smoothly. However, recently we experienced something we thought was a great opportunity to share to everyone involved in real estate, whether you’re a buyer, seller or agent!

 Last week, our agent, Rebecca Peterson, represented the buyers in the purchase of a new home. They were thrilled when they closed on their new home late Monday afternoon. On Tuesday, to the buyers' shock and dismay, they realized that there was some sort of communication breakdown and the gas company had turned off gas to the property and was unable to restore it until Wednesday afternoon.

 As we all know, being hearty Minnesotans, it’s cold in these parts! And without gas, the house temperature will drop quickly. A cold house can lead to frozen pipes, which can burst, causing flooding and major interior damage to a home. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case for our buyers! The house did get down to a chilly 40 degrees, but there wasn’t any damage to the home, thankfully, just frustrations in the gas being turned off.

 This cautionary tale is a good reminder for everyone. When buying or selling a home, utility companies require the buyers and sellers to transfer all utility accounts to avoid service interruptions. And, in this case, even though both parties had thorough communication with each other and with the utility company, accidents can happen. It’s always good to check, double check and even triple check on the utilities.  It's too cold to leave it to chance!

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