Is it the cul-de-sac that is creating the negative energy--or is it the fact that the property being marketed  is dated, in disrepair and/or overpriced?

Amusing to skeptics and informative to true believers--you know who you are, those readers who throw salt over their shoulder, knock on wood, and never cross paths with a black cat when walking around ladders all the while being ever-so-careful to avoid stepping on sidewalk cracks--this article reflects the extent to which many will go at this time of year when trying to sell their house. 

Halloween Home Cleansing - Yahoo! HOMES article

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Living in an age of technology that has condensed entire libraries of books and housed them conveniently into portable compact tablets the size of a single paperback--causes one to speculate as to the future of our libraries.

Collections gathered over time have grown from beloved childhood favorites when we first fell in love with a reading...prized gifts handed down to us as caretakers, with the intention of continuing the tradition by passing along on to the next generation. Many book lovers, while greatly appreciating the convenience of such technology, remain unwilling to part with precious, hardcopy books.

Several of our properties, whether a highrise condo or a traditional lakeside home, have excellent library spaces. Let us know if this…

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When we purchase a new home, homeowner's insurance is ascertained and often directly incorporated into monthly mortgage payments by our bank.

Although this is an excellent idea, as life goes on homeowners can find themselves losing track of how their assets have grown and changed with regards to changing insurance rules, standards and policy. To make sure that your home and belongings are appropriately insured, revisit your circumstances and adjust your coverage as needed. 

Note this interesting article with points to consider when evaluating your homeowner's coverage. 


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Let's face it...transitional seasons make for sad-looking backyards.

Although autumn colors are gorgeous, properties with closed pools and post-summer garden beds lack the punch that sellers need to capture the hearts of potential buyers.

Spring is not the only time that your garden can be an outdoor sanctuary. Minnesota offers a Theater of Seasons. Rather than lament over the passing of warm summer months--celebrate the color and vibrancy of Fall. There are ways to decorate your yard for the season without cartoonish scarecrows and jack o'lanterns. Although these playful elements are fun, why limit your decor to one holiday? Addressing your gardens, yards and porches seasonally extend the longevity of your decor and ultimately stretch the…

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You've probably been hearing "It's a great time to buy" for a while now.  Turns out, this is still true!  Not only are interest rates low, the rental market is increasingly competitive, making it harder to find an affordable lease.  However, with the current market, great homes are selling quickly, so it's important to do the background preparation so that you're ready when you find the home of your dreams.

The first step in buying a house is speaking with a loan officer to obtain a pre-approval.  Not only will you need a pre-approval letter when making an offer on a house, but getting pre-approved will answer a number of your questions up front.  A loan officer can help identify an appropriate price range, what monthly payments will look like, and…

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Not all home improvement projects improve the likelihood of getting your property sold. Your award-winning half acre of professional grade gardens may be impressive...but to a potential buyer an impossible upkeep issue. The 70's inspired neon disco amusement room may hold fond memories of your growing family's teen years,...but to an emotionally detached potential buyer its just a dated space that will cost time and money to update.

When seeking to sell your property and receive an offer that meets your selling price, the property has to be neutralized with regards to over-the-top design elements that would greatly reduce the buyer pool. Excess is any form rarely reaps positive results. By avoiding extreme home decor, you broaden the scope of potential…

752 Views, 0 Comments've read correctly...winterizing.

Minnesota--The Theater of not without its drama.  Well known for blistering hot summer days flanked by a seemingly never-ending snow season, our beautiful state affords some of the most picturesque manifestations of the transitional shoulder seasons of Spring and Fall. As we approach late summer and the school year is underway, weekend project opportunities become more elusive and fleeting. Postponed home maintenance projects require our attention now...or risk being put off for another six months. 

Once Labor Day festivities and barbeques are behind us, why not make it your resolve to tick some of these projects off your Honey Do list?

Why The Rush: Being Proactive Now Prevents Regrets…

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We've all heard the saying that 'the Devil's in the details'. This is oh so true when it comes down to creating a positive lasting impression. Don't let deferred maintenance and lack of curb appeal douse your hopes of receiving an offer on your property.

If a potential buyer's first impression is tainted by little things that have been deferred or ignored, as small as they may seem, these little distractions can add up and later weigh in as deal breakers. Whereas some home repairs are best left to professionals, there are projects that homesellers can do that are so simple that they are often overlooked.  

The basic rule of thumb is: Maintain

If you are not able to be present to do so yourself, hire someone to watch over your property. It is…

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More often than not, deferred maintenance means that home repairs must be made in order to secure an offer when selling your home. When to hire a professional and when to attempt to make repairs yourself can be a dilemma.

Some home repairs make great weekend projects that with the investment of a few dollars and some elbow grease, can add up to big bucks when it comes to a sale. Whereas, other projects should be hired out to true professionals.

When considering enlisting an old friend, bartering pizza and beer to the ridiculously good looking neighbor guy, or sucking it up and hiring a true professional, consider that not only do you get what you pay for, but that there may be permits required and|or the project may entail complexities too…

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As the market continues on its healing trend, reports support buying as the better investment over renting.

Note the attached new article as reported by ABC News:

Buying Better Than Renting

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