Reminder--Daylight Saving Time

'Spring Forward, Fall Back!'

Saturday Evening March 10th

Don't forget to set your clocks ahead by one hour!

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Home Is Where your Heart Is...Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat...Home Sweet Home...poetry and rhymes throughout the ages have timelessly voiced the emotional connection we have with our homes. The Barry Berg Group has been matching homes with lifestyles for over thirty years. Can we make a match for you?

Collectively as a group, we bring our professional experience as we guide you through the real estate process whether you are buying, selling or both. Our clients widely range in their circumstances and needs--college students, young families just starting out, expanding and downsizing families,  single professionals, retirees, as well as multi-city business professionals seeking a Twin Cities' pied a terre. 

Our clients equally benefit from our…

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As it is often stated, "What goes up must come down."

Staircases--while necessary functional elements--present the opportunity for artistic expression by their design.

Note this interesting article and photo presentation by Travel + Leisure:

World's Coolest Staircases

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Remember when flat screen televisions and pocket-size handheld computers were the fantastic products of technology only found in science fiction?

Well it's time to consider how that same technology will be reflected in homes of the future. Consider these amenities: An elevator that rocket transports you and your Porsche in 45 seconds to your highrise tower indoor heliport that would make a superhero swoon....

These amenities and more are a few glimpses into the future of highend real estate that are here today.

View this article and beautiful slideshow as presented by Forbes: 

Homes of the Future, On Sale Now


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"Maybe you ignored a speeding ticket you got while traveling because you figured you wouldn't be back in the area soon enough for it to matter. Or maybe you simply forgot about that pesky parking ticket you got while downtown. Whatever the situation, ... this could mean higher rates or flat-out rejection the next time you need an auto, mortgage, or other type of loan--even if your credit was formerly spotless."

 Click link to continue reading this informative article,

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We hope that each day the new year brings and all of those that follow,

will continue to bring to you and yours a life of warmth, health and happiness!

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What better gift to give to yourself and your loved ones than a successful home sale!

Selling a property at any time of year can prove to be a challenge, and many find the winter months to be downright daunting. Yet, this need not be the case. 

Note these helpful tips to keep your property competitive during winter months:

How To Sell a Home in the Winter


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With the holiday season fast approaching clients often wonder if this is a good time to list a home.  The answer is yes!  At Barry Berg Group we have had some of our most successful months during the holidays. 

It comes down to this:  While there may be fewer buyers out there looking, the buyers that are out there are more motivated to buy.  After all, why would you tromp through the cold and snow unless you were really eager to find a new home.  Because so many think it is a bad time to market a property, the listings are fewer…thus the competition is also diminished. 

Finally, holiday decorations often give homes that special warm glow that will draw in offers.  A new home for the holidays…on more Santa’s wish lists than you would imagine!

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We have all read recent stories about the increase in numbers of people looking for rentals.  It raises a question.  Does it still make sense to buy?  The answer requires a potential buyer/renter to do some soul searching.

If you are looking for a short term place to live…..renting may make sense.  However, I continue to firmly believe that home ownership is the foundation of a strong personal financial plan.  Over the long hall, I believe a person will be better off owning property in terms of capturing future appreciation and taking advantage of tax benefits.  In many ways the current trend towards renting reminds of the human tendency with stock purchasing:  buy high and sell low.  Of course that is the opposite of what you should do.  So too…

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Are you starting to get that feeling that it’s time to “fall back” and you can’t remember when? Afraid you’ll show up to work one Monday and realize you’re an hour early?  Dying to know when you get that extra hour of sleep? Daylight Savings 2011 ends on November 6th at 2 am, and we all are reminded to fall back not spring forward.

The end of Daylight Savings signifies that fall has arrived and winter will soon be here. When the fall season hits, it is time to start preparing your home for the winter season. Fall maintenance will help maintain your home for the coming months, making it a more comfortable and safe environment for you and your family. Among these are:

Check Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

- Check to see that all…

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