It's the Dog Days of Summer! To celebrate our fuzzy friends, this June and July we will donate $100 to the Animal Humane Society with every new listing we put on the Twin Cities market. Licensed Realtor, real estate attorney and team member, Paul Kaminski, sits on the board and volunteers at the Animal Humane Society to support and help animals of all breeds and ages. We're proud of the hard work Paul accomplishes in the office, but it's his contributions during his free time that show his passion and heart.

Licensed Realtor and Real Estate Attorney, Paul Kaminski

Summer is the busiest time of year for the Animal Humane Society, with a steady influx of baby animals. Caring for these adorable animals can be demanding and their resources get strained.…

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2016 Year In Review

Tis' the season to be surrounded by family and friends, delicious feasts and warming spirits. We thank you for a wonderful 2016! 

What an exciting year 2016 has been for the Berg Larsen Group!


In January, in honor of Barry and Chad’s decade long business partnership, we launched our new and improved brand as the Berg Larsen Group, complete with a new logo and our powerful new website, This powerful search engine enables everyone to search new and active properties for sale throughout the entire state of Minnesota. Using of pre-set searches, buyers can search homes for sale in popular Twin Cities communities like Edina, Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, Minneapolis, Saint Paul and more. Of course,…

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We Raised $1,200 for Secondhand Hounds

In July and August, during our "Dog Days Of Summer" campaign, we donated $100 to Secondhand Hounds with every new listing. As animal lovers, our team worked diligently to raise awareness for this wonderful organization while assisting our clients in getting their house show ready and on the Twin Cities market. Needless to say, it was a great success and a wonderful opportunity to help Second Hand Hounds, where team member Krista is a volunteer.

Coming in July and August of 2017, we'll be raising money yet again for the "Dog Days Of Summer". If you'd like to sell your home in the summer of 2017, we can be sure you're ready! Contact us today for a free market evaluation by a member of our team of…

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 The Market is Heating Up...Good Time to Meet Our Team

 Meet Professional Realtor and Mother of Three, Rebecca Peterson

Hello. My name is Remington Rufus Peterson. The kids just call me “Sissy” because they think I’m their sister – seriously. One thing I want you to know about me is I’m a stickler for being on time. Especially when it comes to mealtime. Breakfast is at eight. Dinner is at five. You can set your watch to it. It’s like I have a built in clock. 

Mom, a.k.a. Rebecca, also has a built in clock. In all my 10 years, I’ve never seen anyone so prepared. She even has her degree in Real Estate law. And believe me, I’ve heard many a conversation at the dinner table to know that her qualifications as a professional…

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There's nothing finer than getting outside in the fresh air and warm summer sun with your four legged friend. Here's a list of some of our favorite spots to take your dog on a walk or to let them run free at an off-leash dog park. Best of all, these great parks are in Minneapolis, just steps from our office doors. So, if you and pooch are in the neighborhood, stop by and say hi! We'd love to meet your dog...and you too. 

Please note, off-leash dog parks in Minneapolis do require a permit and some basic rules for all to enjoy. Information on hours, permits and rules are available here: Dog Days Of Summer!

All information below links to websites for parks. Go ahead, sniff em out!

1. Gateway Park

2. Mill Ruins Park

3. Gateway Dog…

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 The Market is Heating Up...Good Time to Meet Our Team

 Meet Business Partner and Professional Realtor, Chad  Larsen

Uncle Chad called up to ask nieces Sarah and Katherine if he can take me, Scout, to the park for some “best friend” time. Naturally I oblige. Chad is a good uncle. He loves animals. Dogs especially. He used to be owned by a pair of cats, Beany and Wheezy. They were great and all, but they’re no “Scout.”

I had this great idea to make a $100 contribution to Secondhand Hounds every time Berg Larsen Group lists a home during the Dog Days of Summer (July and August). He liked it so well he and Barry made it their team pledge. Good Uncle Chad, good boy!

On one particular visit to the park, Uncle Chad bumped into…

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The Market is Heating Up...Good Time to Meet Our Team

 Meet Founder and Professional Realtor, Barry Berg

Hi, I’m Daisy, Barry’s 7-year-old Jack Russell terrier. Who knew back when I lived at the Humane Society seven years ago, that we’d be so perfect together. What I mean to say is, Barry has impeccable taste. As do I. He loves art. As do I. He loves classical music. As do I. Most of all, Barry loves people. As. Do. I. Some would say we were made for each other. But I prefer to think Barry was made for me.

Barry was also made for real estate. He’s been a professional Realtor for 35 years. Which is to say, few people in this city, state and country have his level of experience. He’s literally seen everything when it comes to…

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The Market is Heating Up...Good Time to Meet Our Team

Meet Commercial Real Estate Lawyer and Professional Realtor, Paul Kaminski

My name is Tucker. And I’m a 4-year-old Tibetan terrier. Paul is my dad. And boy, does he spoil me. I mean, look at this cuteness. How could he not? I know he misses my big brother, Preston, a lot so I make sure he’s never lonely and always has someone to play fetch with.

I’m proud of my dad, Paul. You see, when he’s not at home doting on me, he’s at work, practicing commercial real estate law, and working as a Realtor with Berg Larsen Group. People love working with him because, well, he’s patient and kind and brilliant. He knows the ins and outs of real estate like nobody’s business. Which is why…

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The Market is Heating Up...Good Time to Meet Our Team

Meet Professional Realtor and Mother of Two, Kate Wall

Helloooo. My name is Jack. And I’m a 10-year-old Brittany. Although I look like a dog, I am actually a human disguised as a dog. I love our neighborhood: Kenwood. Every morning, we walk 2.86-miles around Lake of the Isles. We rarely miss a sunrise. So you see, I’m not just a dog I’m an early bird dog. 

Forgive me for boasting, but you have to know that Kate has a way about her that makes everyone feel at home. She also loves architecture. Which is probably why we live here. These neighborhoods are home to some of the most exquisite examples of architecture in the country. Which makes being a Realtor such a pleasure.…

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The Market is Heating Up...Good Time to Meet Our Team

Meet Professional Realtor and All Around Nice Guy, Jon Ness 

Neil: Hi, I’m Neil, a Beagle/Dachshund/Chihuahua. Jon brought me home three years ago from the Golden Valley Humane Society.

Stanley: And I’m Stanley, a Terrier mix. Jon found me at Good Karma rescue two years ago.  

Neil: We live the good life. I love Greek yogurt. I’ll work like a circus dog for it. Stanley doesn’t care for it. But he does love watching TV.

Stanley: I watch a lot of TV. Mostly educational shows about dogs. Neil thinks he’s the boss of me. Okay, he’s the boss of me. But I’m the boss of what we get to watch on TV.  

We love Jon. So do all the people he helps. Which makes him a great…

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