With COVID-19 dominating the news and impacting the personal and professional lives of us all these days, Chad and I felt it was important to share our perspective on this critical issue.

While we have been fortunate thus far that there have been limited diagnoses of contagion in the Twin Cities, it seems inevitable that there will be more before the threat subsides. 

Having weathered 9/11 and the economic downturn of 2008-2012, we are confident that COVID-19 will run its course.  Yet we cannot know definitively at this juncture how long this will take.

Several of you have inquired whether we’re seeing an adverse impact on the housing market.  With limited inventory in the market – all to your benefit as a current home seller – and with…

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Giving Back to Our Parks

A we celebrate the coming of green grass, the blooming of flowers and the warming of our lakes, we will be donating $100 for every new listing we put on the market to the local non-profit People for Parks. We’ve asked each Berg Larsen Group agent how they use the local park systems and what they enjoy most about them. Below, business leader and professional Realtor Barry Berg shares how he uses the park system.

How were you first introduced to the Minneapolis Parks? 
Barry: "When I first moved to Minneapolis fresh out of grad school in ’75, I lived in a carriage house in Kenwood, where I was drawn as a runner to the joy and beauty of Lake of the Isles and adjoining Lake Calhoun."

What is your favorite…

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Get to Know the Berg Larsen Group this Autumn  

Like you, we have joys and interests that make the world go round. We have families we love to spend time with, causes we passionately support, hobbies and interests we affectionately get lost in. 

Please, take a moment to get to know the wonderful individuals who make up our team. As realtors, we want to guide you on your real estate journey. As people, we want to make you feel at home.   

Barry Berg, Founder and Professional Realtor

What does Fall mean to you?

Fall is probably nature’s most beautiful time of year.  It conjures memories of chilly Friday night football games and hot chocolate, raking and piling leaves before burning them in smoky, pungent fires…

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The Market is Heating Up...Good Time to Meet Our Team

 Meet Founder and Professional Realtor, Barry Berg

Hi, I’m Daisy, Barry’s 7-year-old Jack Russell terrier. Who knew back when I lived at the Humane Society seven years ago, that we’d be so perfect together. What I mean to say is, Barry has impeccable taste. As do I. He loves art. As do I. He loves classical music. As do I. Most of all, Barry loves people. As. Do. I. Some would say we were made for each other. But I prefer to think Barry was made for me.

Barry was also made for real estate. He’s been a professional Realtor for 35 years. Which is to say, few people in this city, state and country have his level of experience. He’s literally seen everything when it comes to…

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We Minnesotans claim to love all four seasons, but let’s admit we especially savor the warmer temperatures and longer days of summer, with backyard BBQ’s, trips to the lake, neighborhood celebrations…road construction and mosquitoes!

Mortgage rates remain at historically low rates meaning buyers are  taking advantage of the season to converge on the housing market.  Multiple offers are common on entry to mid-level priced single family homes and the demand for downtown condominiums and newer construction, in prime urban and suburban areas, remains very solid. 

Even millennials are beginning to recognize that purchasing a home is a better investment than paying rent.  This generation has different priorities and tastes in housing than their…

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Please enjoy the following excerpt, the third and final in a series from Barry's travel journal having spent the month of January in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A word about restaurants (and dining)…let me begin by sharing my biases as follows:

Argentina is famed for its meat and its grills (the word “parrilla” on a restaurant or menu signals that the restaurant or offerings are grilled meats). I’m not one to patronize steak houses in the States, but for my money I’ll take the American equivalent over the Argentine any day of the week.  Nonetheless, you probably owe it to yourself to sample one (I had my first goat, a fairly sweet meat…but I detest fatty meat and have no tolerance for gristle). I dined commonly with local friends, as well as friends…

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Please enjoy the following excerpt, the second in a series from Barry's travel journal having spent the month of January in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Arts

Given my love for the arts in general, here’s my read on Buenos Aires: 

Architecture. While many buildings could use a sandblasting or power wash (and some assistance on graffiti removal, which I was told was helpless, given political dissonance between the mayor of BA and the President of Argentina, representing conflicting political parties), there are endless examples of outstanding European influenced architecture. This includes suburban communities, which struck me as more akin to Tube stops in West London, with charming village centers and frankly striking and affluent feeling…

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Please enjoy the following excerpt, the first in a series from Barry's travel journal having spent the month of January in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"By way of preface, it’s useful to share my personal biases/objectives/perspectives, which underpin my responses to the places I visit.  I’m an inveterate walker, who generally loathes public transportation, loves art and architecture, music, history and politics.  I travel to expand my world view, to experience and discover the heart and culture of different societies.  While I consult guidebooks in advance and visit popular tourist attractions, I especially seek the intimate local byways and haunts. 

  I love hearing foreign accents and detest the franchising of the world. Where possible, I’m…

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For the last couple of years, you’ve been thinking about selling your home, but decided for a variety of reasons to put that decision off another year. 

Now you’re thinking 2011 is the year to sell.   Of course, you want your home to show at its best, so naturally you’ll want to wait until the trees and gardens have blossomed, your grass is green, the birds are signing, and the porch is open.  Right? 

Wrong! Look what happens the first few warm weekends of the year...Minnesotans tend to behave as though they’ve never seen warm weather – especially after a record setting winter like we’re experiencing!  They want to be out in their own back yards, planting flowers, walking the lakes, playing their first rounds of golf, or opening up their summer…

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