Recently, a new trend in home improvement competition television shows has introduced an interesting format.

By taking X amount of dollars and within 2, 3, or 4 days time reinvesting those dollars by making home improvements which would translate into increased home value, the team that does the best quality of work and improves the home market value the most--wins. This premise (caveat a little Hollywood magic) proves that a few well spent dollars and some elbow grease will increase your home's property value.

Although the concept itself isn't new, the awakening of the public to this idea has reinfused energy into the real estate market. What does that mean for home sellers? It could mean having the edge over the competition and lead to a successful purchase agreement!

Note this interesting article that points out the areas of a home that will give you more bang for your buck,

Yahoo! FINANCE article 8 Home Improvement Projects That Pay Big

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