Now that your property is on the market, do you find yourself in a constant state of heightened stress while waiting for your property to sell? How ought you approach this phase of the selling process? Think of it like taking a flight to an anticipated destination.

Getting On Board

Hate flying? Perhaps its the hours leading up to the flight that you find most disconcerting. For others it's all about the wait. Any one of the above can be stressful and anxiety inducing. Selling a house needn't throw your life into a tailspin. Take a deep breath and shake off the nerves.


Buckle up! The flurry of activity when preparing a property appropriately is exciting and very busy. Finally pushing the live button initiates the process that is usually accompanied with a broker's tour and/or an open house event, and mailings which prompt showing activity.

Time in the Air

Shortly following take-off when things level out and calm, the captain will signal that it is now safe to move about the cabin. Here is where most sellers begin to get antsy. 'Why has my showing activity waned?' Knowing in advance that showing activity will wax and wane helps somewhat. This interim is the opportune time to work on the behind the scenes activity that will assist you to act quickly when an offer is received. (note this article with tips for dealing with this stage of the listing process, How to Live In Your Home While It's For Sale - Zillow Blog August 2014


Anticipation of dreaded turbulence can set many on edge for the duration of their flight, all of which is terribly exhausting and stressful--over an event that may never even actually occur. Likewise, worrying and fretting over 'what ifs' while your property is on the market can be counter intuitive. Occasionally turbulence does happen. Trying to 'take the wheel' from your licensed experienced real estate professional would be paramount to commandeering the cockpit and pushing the pilots aside and attempting to land the plane yourself mid-flight. Get a grip on your nerves! Dealing with issues that may arise during the course of the active listing of a property sometimes requires readjusting the selling price or making additional improvements to remain competitive. Having dialogue in advance of alternative courses of action will allow you to focus on the bigger picture and to rely upon the experience and advocacy of your realtor.


Success! It comes time again to buckle up. The negotiating process can get bumpy but you are nearly at your destination. There are various stages of the closing process that your realtor will advise you of which varies per your particular set of circumstances and that of your buyer. There will be appraisals, inspections and additional considerations for walk thru requests on the part of the buyer who may wish to consult a contractor for proposed improvements or expansion projects. Being flexible and having your financials in order and all documents of satisfied mortgages and liens if any, will keep your landing--your closing--a smooth and uneventful one as you approach your destination, the successful closing of the sale of your property !

Are you planning a move? Contact us and let us put our professional services to work for you and we will do our utmost to ensure that your 'flight' is as efficient, comfortable and uneventful as possible as we pilot you to your new destination!

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