More often than not, the more helpful that we try to be in fields that are not our specialty, the more we actually can hamper the process--in some cases sadly even thwarting our own desired outcome.

We've all found humor in the clever commercial that has as its theme, 'You Wouldn't Want Your Doctor Doing YOUR Job, Would You?' and who can forget the funny series of hotel commercials with the tagline, 'I'm not a (CEO/doctor/lawyer/or other professionally trained specialist) but I did stay at Holiday Express last night!'

In real estate, there is a balance to be had in the partnership between homeowners and their real estate professional. While it is impossible to sell a property effectively without homeowner participation, at what point does that participation begin to overstep and neutralize the effectiveness of the process?

Being a delicate subject for many, it's best to defer to a well written article by an unbiased party to help homeowners who may be intent on being highly involved in all aspects of the selling process to get a better vision of their role best played in order to accomplish the shared goal of getting their property sold.

Note this Zillow BLOG: Tips & Advice article that is cutely entitled,

5 Things Sellers Do That Drive Real Estate Agents Nuts

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