Over the past 40 years, our business has grown through referrals. Although never requested, past clients and recommendations continue to be the backbone of our success.

As we eagerly anticipate spring, the real estate market naturally cycles toward fresh inventory for March, April, and early May, the prime time for home sellers. These months provide home buyers with the best choices and the ability to close at the end of the school year.

Founding partner of the Berg Larsen Group and Twin Cities realtor for over 40 years, Barry Berg, discusses the impact of referrals and how this helps home buyers and sellers find the right fits for their lifestyle needs.

Referrals Create Opportunities for Buyers and Sellers

Buyers and sellers appreciate that the Berg Larsen Group is professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. Yet it’s far more than that: We are able to create the best opportunities for our clients because, in short order, we determine what truly matters to them. This explains why many clients return and work with us again and again.

 “Yes, it’s about the relationship, but it’s really because we ask questions, listen, and help clients identify the properties that are a good fit,” says Barry.

“You read us so well”

Historically, transferee clients presume that they will need to visit the Twin Cities several times before finding the right home. Instead, we make every effort to “become them.” As a result, the majority of buyers transferring to the Twin Cities come once and make a decision on one of the houses that we’ve identified for them.

“We listen closely to what they are really saying. We’ll ask - what are the most important rooms to you? What spaces are important? What type of yard? Are you open to doing some work on a home?” Barry cites these as examples of the questions they ask home buyers.

Cultivating the Decision-Making Process

We ask both soft and hard questions. Clients’ answers give us a sense of who they are and interests that may be important to them, zeroing in on neighborhoods and communities likely to appeal to them, and where they want to live. We inquire about commutes, family, price range, and what activities they enjoy doing. As the questions get more focused, we get inside their heads.

“Who are you? As a couple? As an individual?” asks Barry.  Knowing this helps us narrow choices to ones that will create an immediate emotional connection while also keeping in mind the tangible aspects such as price, size, amenities, and location.

Experts In What We Do

“We tend to work with upper-bracket clientele. We know this market well so we’re often able to sell properties before they hit the open market. That’s a plus for buyers and sellers,” says Barry. Our expertise allows buyers access to opportunities that would otherwise be missed and provides sellers a break from scheduling multiple showings.

Why We Love Your Recommendations

We love working with buyers and finding the perfect home that excites them. Barry says, “When our clients refer friends or acquaintances, it’s a testimony to our work and relationship.” Our client history can attest to this. 91% of the people we work with are not cold connections.

“We are not in the business of selling homes,” says Barry, “We’re in the business of building trust relationships.”  And it means there’s no expiration date on a referral.

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