A.M sold her condo with the Berg Larsen Group team of realtors, here she is with her two dogs on a sunny day.A.M and her two dogs.

Lifestyle changes come in all shapes and sizes - some even have wagging tails. 

When A.M. unexpectedly adopted her second dog during the pandemic, condo living no longer felt like the right fit. Looking for a backyard and more space while working remotely, the appeal of listing her downtown unit at The Carlyle continued to grow.  

Find a Realtor that Listens and Provides Solutions  

A.M. interviewed three Realtors, one of which was her neighbor Chad Larsen from the Berg Larsen Group. While talking to other Realtors, A.M. was told that she would have to move out of her condo while it was on the market. She explained to Chad that this was not feasible, and instead of pushing her to reconsider, they created a…

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Buying a condo is unique to buying a new home - you’re also becoming part of a community. It requires different considerations and detailed expertise in evaluating the opportunity. Fortunately, for Berg Larsen Group clients the team brings first-hand knowledge and experience.

Following the sale of a single-family house, Joseph W. and Raul F. had been renting a condo for several years. Tired of unreliable building maintenance and rent increases, they were ready to pursue a different option and had simple criteria: To be within walking distance of a park, preferably on the perimeter of a lake, and they wanted to own a condo. They turned to Barry Berg for guidance, who helped them find the right place - a luxury penthouse in Bloomington.


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Realtor Barry Berg talks about the Spring real estate market in the Twin Cities and how we can help buy or sell a home.Realtor Barry Berg has over 40 years of experience as a realtor in the Twin Cities.

Spring is fleeting in the Twin Cities - not just the weather but traditionally also the real estate market. However, 2023 is shaping up differently and that means there is continued opportunity to buy or sell a home. Partner Barry Berg offers a perspective for buyers and sellers this season.

 Spring is Full of Possibilities

 Historically, the peak of real estate sales activity simmers down by late spring, so prospective sellers are traditionally encouraged to list their properties by March or April.  That’s not the case this year. The Berg Larsen Group anticipates that a healthy seller’s market will continue throughout May and June. This is great news if you have…

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Aaron and Esther Voss - Sold with the Berg Larsen Group

Aaron Voss considers the experience of selling his home with the Berg Larsen Group as “a blessing”. Aaron was introduced to the group seven years ago after his company, Classic Home Painting, was contacted by Kate Wall, business partner and realtor with the Berg Larsen Group, for a project at her personal residence. Kate immediately recognized the quality of their work and has been recommending Classic Home Painting to her clients ever since, building the foundation for a long-standing professional relationship that continues today.

The Background

In October 2022, Aaron Voss sold his “castle” in Eagan with the help of the Berg Larsen Group so that he could build his dream home in Naples,…

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Lately, we have been fielding lots of questions from clients about home mortgages. To get some answers, we tapped into some of our trusted resources and have compiled their responses for you. Today, Liz Koehler and Jody Kern with Bell Bank Mortgage, and Dean Schiffler with Guaranteed Rate are here to answer all of your most asked questions.

 How do you decide which type of mortgage is best for a client?

“Every level of buyer is different and their personal circumstances matter,” says Dean.

Mortgage lenders can help you determine what type of mortgage is best based on your goals, financial situation, and individual circumstance.

 Jody explains, “Credit scores, home price, and down payment amount factor into the advice I provide. We offer…

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