Not all New Year's Resolutions each year are made because we've failed to keep the ones we'd vowed to last year. Well...maybe a few such as that diet or exercise routine we'd promised ourselves. But in the bigger picture, each year presents us with new challenges.

Life is ever-changing and often throws us an unexpected curve ball. New circumstances propel us forward in directions we may not have planned for. For some that means a job change in a new city. For others it means an expanding family or retirement years.

Whichever the case may be for your household, we can help. We match homes with lifestyles. Our team of professionals like you share a variety of circumstances and can appreciate your needs. Together we will address your comprehensive…

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After years of renting, you are buying your first home.

It's been decades since you last bought a property--the children have grown and its time to look at down-sizing.

You've bought and sold many properties over the years, but the market has changed considerably in recent years.

Regardless of the circumstances that bring you towards making a home purchase, there are Buyer Do's which apply for us all. Note the attached article,

Buying A Home - Top 10 List of Things Buyers Should Know - Yahoo! HOMES 

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"How can we enjoy the holidays when our house is for sale?"

"Should we pull our home off the market until after the New Year?" 

"What if we miss 'our buyer'?"

The winter holiday season is a pivotal time of year for most households. Because of this, many home sellers feel stressed over how to continue their beloved traditions without missing the opportunity to present their property to potential home buyer prospects for weeks or months out of the year.

This holiday season may be the first time that you and your loved ones feel that you must pick one over the other, yet our team of seasoned real estate professionals have learned otherwise. Overcoming such obstacles as showings during the holidays is not as difficult as it may at first seem.…

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