Whenever you are heading out of town for a long weekend or going on a vacation during winter months, it is imperative to take precautions against freezing water pipes.

Minnesnowta winters can flip balmy mid-30's temperatures into sub-zero temps overnight. Note the attached article as published online regarding what measures you can take to prevent coming home to a disaster. 

Yahoo! HOMES article, Preventing Pipes From Freezing 

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When selling a home, being prepared on an ongoing basis to accommodate showings can make one feel apprehensive...particularly if the job to maintain its showing appeal falls primarily onto one person's shoulders. This can prove to be even more daunting with households that include young persons and|or small children.

The fact is, just because we are moving doesn't mean that our lives orbit around The House. There are still school projects to be created, sports activities to attend, and lest we forget, cold and flu season can throw a wrench into even Martha Stewart's routine!

For those with busy households, teamwork is an absolute necessity when it comes to picking up. When everyone pitches in it can be a real stress diffuser for mom and dad, and…

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Cut Home Insurance Costs While Increasing Home Value

The turn of the New Year presents us with the opportunity to establish new habits, eliminate outdated practices and services, while readdressing needs often overlooked during busier times in the year.

As times change, so does the appropriate coverage for our assets. For example, making necessary roof repairs not only lowers one's home insurance costs, it enhances the resale value at the same time. Note the attached article and see whether or not there are points worthy of consideration with your home. 

Yahoo! HOMES /Forbes.com article "10 Ways to control your home insurance costs'

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It starts with a plant in our first little apartment. Next a pet for company. Then a starter home shared with a loved one. Before long offspring of our own. Wasn't it just yesterday that we brought home our first little bundle of joy? Perhaps you recall thinking that night as you rushed off towards the maternity ward, that your sleeping toddler safely tucked snug in their bed was so small--yet mere hours later when introduced to her tiny new sibling, she magically became very big and grown up.

A growing family's needs expand nearly as quickly as children grow. In a perfect world, the confluence of timing and finances accommodate all planned family additions. But back here in reality, those family needs often sneak up on us and we find that…

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