Spring Market in real estate doesn't commence with tulips and daffodils, rather it begins strongly mid-winter following the post-holiday lull.

Are you wanting to sell your property this year? 

Review this installment, part of a series of Real Estate Guide articles by Money.com, to see whether there are yet steps that you need to take in order to attain your real estate goals this year.

Money.com article If You Want to Sell Your House This Year, Start Doing These Things Now

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Life can take a turn at any given moment. Whether your household has had the foresight to plan ahead or not, being financially and emotionally prepared often requires assistance. So much heart and soul goes into establishing roots in a house or a community, that it makes the decision to downsize a challenging one in a variety of ways.

When ought the planning begin? Where can I find the right service for my needs? 

Note the attached article on downsizing preparedness, along with the link to SeniorAdvisors.com's fantastic network of services that are available to assist you and your loved ones making the move, 

WSJ article When Should Retirees Downsize?

Link to SeniorAdvisor.com Directory

Once you and your family have taken all the right…

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Aren't babies sweet? 

When planning to buy a new home, often the determining factor for which home to buy is based upon the size of the household, in particular the size of those littlest household members!

Where will they live and grow--is there enough space? Where will they run and play--is it safe enough? Where will they go to school--is it good enough? 

Just about anything baby is adorable!

Just for fun, take two from your home search and see how many of these nature's babies you knew the actual correct name for,

Twitter Facts OMG 

Then give us a call or drop us an email and let us help you to refine your home search!

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Whether your are planning to move or to stay in your present home, there are certain basic essentials that homeowners identify as being deal breakers. Note these most popular features that are highly sought after by homeowners today,

Eleven Most Popular Home Improvements - Yahoo! HOMES article

Three Steps Towards Selling Your House


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