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What better gift to give to yourself and your loved ones than a successful home sale!

Selling a property at any time of year can prove to be a challenge, and many find the winter months to be downright daunting. Yet, this need not be the case. 

Note these helpful tips to keep your property competitive during winter months:

How To Sell a Home in the Winter


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With the holiday season fast approaching clients often wonder if this is a good time to list a home.  The answer is yes!  At Barry Berg Group we have had some of our most successful months during the holidays. 

It comes down to this:  While there may be fewer buyers out there looking, the buyers that are out there are more motivated to buy.  After all, why would you tromp through the cold and snow unless you were really eager to find a new home.  Because so many think it is a bad time to market a property, the listings are fewer…thus the competition is also diminished. 

Finally, holiday decorations often give homes that special warm glow that will draw in offers.  A new home for the holidays…on more Santa’s wish lists than you would imagine!

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