Knowledge is Power. The best line of defense is well planned, with all parties involved well prepared.

It's been noted that one of the single most stressful events besides weddings and funerals, is the home selling/buying process. There is a great deal of energy and emotion that accompanies the dollars and time spent in preparing a home for the market, and when buying a new home. However, the preparations must not stop there.

Once your property is on the market, being informed in advance of the processes that take place upon the presentation of an offer and its acceptance, is key to being able to successfully navigate bumps and or set backs. The same can be said of the buyers process. Sometimes hidden issues are just as much a surprise to the…

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Want to sell your home? Then applying the Five 'P's' is your first step towards success.

Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Presentation

By putting the cart before the horse, many homeowners unnecessarily create a situation where the best first impression is lost, causing the detrimental effect of fewer subsequent showings. Buyer's agents often will bypass updated listings having previously already determined that it didn't meet their clients needs, or use the time on market to negotiate a lower offer on behalf of their client.

Set your target date and begin to work towards it. Working with the Barry Berg Group, we aim to prepare your property to put its best foot forward, to create a stronghold that maintains its footing from the start.…

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Sitting in the salon yesterday, I'd overheard a woman discussing selling her home. When asked which Realtor she'd hired, her response was, "I'm going to represent myself--there's not that much to it." Really.

Her reasoning piqued my curiousity. Sadly, not one of her comments reflected even the most basic knowledge of the market, proper presentation, nor did she have a plan. She'd simply based her decision to 'handle things on [her] own because agents want 7% and [I'm] just not going to spend that when I can do it myself.'  She had determined her sale price  based upon what she and her late husband had spent building the home forty years ago, and what she deemed it was now worth. As a widow, she'd already relocated out of state. She painted the…

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Local Anchorman Rick Kupchella has pulled together links for you to best enjoy the firework celebrations of July 4th that are nearest you:

Flooding has changed some plans for Fourth of July celebrations throughout the state, but the show will go on.

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman announced Monday that St. Paul’s annual fireworks display will continue, despite Harriet Island being flooded causing A Taste of Minnesota to move to the Carver County Fairgrounds in Waconia.

“Fireworks have long been a part of our Independence Day celebration, and despite the flooding, I am excited that this important tradition will continue,” said Mayor Coleman said in a news release. “We want to thank Visit Saint Paul, the Minnesota Wild, and Wells Fargo for…

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