Holidays can be an emotional time for all of us. The pressure of work functions, family gatherings, shopping, cooking, and the worries about our waistlines can make even the most stalwart among us start to fret.

It was experiencing these pressures that had us thinking about the challenges our clients face when selling their home. Note this article that touches on a few key topics that some of clients are concerned about when selling--we thought it worthwhile to share.

Happy Holidays!

MSN Real Estate article “4 Mistakes Emotional Home Sellers Make”

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"The holidays are approaching. My home hasn’t sold yet.  Should I take it off The Market?"

Year after year, realtors advise homeowners who’ve not sold their home to pull them off the market during the holidays.  Yet, December has been our team’s #1 selling month for most of the past decade.  

Think about it.  Who looks for a home between mid-November and the end of the year? Transferees.  And local homeowners who’ve finally sold their own homes and need to buy the next home. 

Guess what?  There may not be many of these buyers, but they NEED to buy, usually want close quickly, and don’t have or take the time to track homes that are no longer on the ACTIVE market. 

Who wins?  The home sellers who keep their homes on the market.  They won’t…

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