Our beloved pets become our friends and family, impacting nearly every aspect of our lives and the function of our households.

When putting the house we live in up For Sale on the market, there are additional considerations that warrant attention. Some potential buyers have phobias, allergies and preferences that vary one from the next. There are ways to accommodate both the showing activity as well as respecting that not all consumers share your appreciation for the feathered and furry.

The first impression is the selling moment for many buyers. When the front door swings open, is it immediately evident that there's a dog or cat in the household?

Here are some tips for minimizing and eliminating negative odors from impacting the potential…

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Now that your property is on the market, do you find yourself in a constant state of heightened stress while waiting for your property to sell? How ought you approach this phase of the selling process? Think of it like taking a flight to an anticipated destination.

Getting On Board

Hate flying? Perhaps its the hours leading up to the flight that you find most disconcerting. For others it's all about the wait. Any one of the above can be stressful and anxiety inducing. Selling a house needn't throw your life into a tailspin. Take a deep breath and shake off the nerves.


Buckle up! The flurry of activity when preparing a property appropriately is exciting and very busy. Finally pushing the live button initiates the process that is…

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What makes the difference between a lower level and a basement, makes the difference in your price point when selling your property. So, what is the difference? 

Short answer: Finish.

When selling your property, a key factor in determining its pricepoint is determined upon its total finished square footage. A clean basement with painted floor and cinderblock walls and with electricity, but no ceiling, is not a finished space and therefore cannot be included in the square footage. The components that actually define finished include ALL of the following,

Floor Covering with Finished Walls and Ceilings (simply painting the surfaces doesn't count!), Heat and Electricity.

If you want to get more value out of the sale of your property, consider…

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Thank You to All Moms, for everything that you do!

  • If everyone jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?
  • Don't talk with your mouth full.
  • I don't know...can you?
  • Because I said so, that's why!
  • Don't make me come in there!
  • I will stop this car and turn right around!
  • Your face is going to freeze like that
  • I don't care who started it.
  • Your legs aren't broken.
  • Don't worry sweetie, everything will be alright
  • He/she doesn't deserve you--it's their loss!
  • I'm so proud of you!
  • I love you more!

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