've read correctly...winterizing.

Minnesota--The Theater of not without its drama.  Well known for blistering hot summer days flanked by a seemingly never-ending snow season, our beautiful state affords some of the most picturesque manifestations of the transitional shoulder seasons of Spring and Fall. As we approach late summer and the school year is underway, weekend project opportunities become more elusive and fleeting. Postponed home maintenance projects require our attention now...or risk being put off for another six months. 

Once Labor Day festivities and barbeques are behind us, why not make it your resolve to tick some of these projects off your Honey Do list?

Why The Rush: Being Proactive Now Prevents Regrets…

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We've all heard the saying that 'the Devil's in the details'. This is oh so true when it comes down to creating a positive lasting impression. Don't let deferred maintenance and lack of curb appeal douse your hopes of receiving an offer on your property.

If a potential buyer's first impression is tainted by little things that have been deferred or ignored, as small as they may seem, these little distractions can add up and later weigh in as deal breakers. Whereas some home repairs are best left to professionals, there are projects that homesellers can do that are so simple that they are often overlooked.  

The basic rule of thumb is: Maintain

If you are not able to be present to do so yourself, hire someone to watch over your property. It is…

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More often than not, deferred maintenance means that home repairs must be made in order to secure an offer when selling your home. When to hire a professional and when to attempt to make repairs yourself can be a dilemma.

Some home repairs make great weekend projects that with the investment of a few dollars and some elbow grease, can add up to big bucks when it comes to a sale. Whereas, other projects should be hired out to true professionals.

When considering enlisting an old friend, bartering pizza and beer to the ridiculously good looking neighbor guy, or sucking it up and hiring a true professional, consider that not only do you get what you pay for, but that there may be permits required and|or the project may entail complexities too…

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As the market continues on its healing trend, reports support buying as the better investment over renting.

Note the attached new article as reported by ABC News:

Buying Better Than Renting

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