Home defines the place in which we seek refuge and where we gather with friends and loved ones. As circumstances change, lifestyle needs transform and where we call home changes. That said, the strenuous past few years have not been without struggles for all. 

Today we see with the recovering economy our communities seeking to restore balance. Homeowners and home buyers are moving forward with refined focus.

It has been our aim to assist our clients and their families in this venture, setting the standard for the real estate industry. We've been matching homes with lifestyles for over thirty years and as a team we've never been stronger. We truly enjoy what we do and it is satisfying and fulfilling for us to help our clients in their journey…

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What do you do when you can't go out? You go up!

Home decorating tips have long utilized illusions to enhance and optimize form and function of tight quarters. Take for instance drapery applications in a standard bedroom with the window set in the middle of the wall. When flanked by floor-to-ceiling drapes it gives the illusion of a wall of windows, which in turn translates into the room having the sense of being larger and more open.

By taking it a step further, why not employ the same idea with doorways and closets? Traditional doorways in a 12x10 room typically are just under seven feet high -- mere inches above a grown adult's head whereas a ceiling-to-floor doorway increases the headroom by at least a foot. This gives the illusion of higher…

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