More often than not, the more helpful that we try to be in fields that are not our specialty, the more we actually can hamper the process--in some cases sadly even thwarting our own desired outcome.

We've all found humor in the clever commercial that has as its theme, 'You Wouldn't Want Your Doctor Doing YOUR Job, Would You?' and who can forget the funny series of hotel commercials with the tagline, 'I'm not a (CEO/doctor/lawyer/or other professionally trained specialist) but I did stay at Holiday Express last night!'

In real estate, there is a balance to be had in the partnership between homeowners and their real estate professional. While it is impossible to sell a property effectively without homeowner participation, at what point does that…

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April Showers Bring May Flowers...don't we know it!

The long-g-g winter has finally passed the baton to Spring, leaving yards and gardens desperately in need of refreshing. When your property is For Sale it is imperative that curb appeal be maintained and kept sesasonally appropriate. Note this interesting article with budget-friendly tips for how to do just that!

HOW STUFF WORKS - 10 Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

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