When a property has four or five rooms on the upper level, but only two are set up as bedrooms (perhaps one is a sewing room, another a den, and yet another just a holding room for storage), as a seller you could be hindering yourself from getting your property sold. 

Unintentionably, the impression is that the house is too small ('it only had two bedrooms' and/or 'there's not enough storage or closet space--if they had to put all their junk into a bedroom, my things won't fit either' and so on.) Similarly, the same negative impression can be given if your staging and decorating choices are inappropriately scaled for the size of the room.

When families are seeking out a new home, they are often projecting in their mind's eye into the…

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In today's competitive real estate market, how your property compares with other like homes will mean the difference in securing an offer.

Living day to day in a property, it's easy to overlook flaws and minor fix-it projects. Then the day comes when we want to move and these seemingly little projects become an overwhelming nuisance. Some homeowners feel that the new buyer 'is going to change everything anyway, let them pay for the improvements'.

You could decide to do this. However, by doing so you set yourself up to either, 1) receive a lowball offer 'because there is so much to do to fix up the place and that will cost us money' or you could miss out entirely on an offer to the turn-key listing down the street. (Turn-key means turn the key…

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From the time that a child gets her first Barbie's Dream House, builds a treehouse, or carves out a fort in the snow, he or she starts the process of deciding what home means to them. For many, its a long stretch between knowing what their wants and needs are to what they are able to afford. So how does one go about obtaining the house of their dreams?

Start with good spending habits. The key to qualifying and getting approved for the best mortgage rates is linked closely to one's credit rating, and the amount one is approved for is what most greatly impacts one's choices when shopping for a home.

Are you just starting out as a first-time homebuyer? Regrouping following the economic crisis? Or perhaps you have a grown child that is now…

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