As it is often stated, "What goes up must come down."

Staircases--while necessary functional elements--present the opportunity for artistic expression by their design.

Note this interesting article and photo presentation by Travel + Leisure:

World's Coolest Staircases

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Remember when flat screen televisions and pocket-size handheld computers were the fantastic products of technology only found in science fiction?

Well it's time to consider how that same technology will be reflected in homes of the future. Consider these amenities: An elevator that rocket transports you and your Porsche in 45 seconds to your highrise tower indoor heliport that would make a superhero swoon....

These amenities and more are a few glimpses into the future of highend real estate that are here today.

View this article and beautiful slideshow as presented by Forbes: 

Homes of the Future, On Sale Now


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"Maybe you ignored a speeding ticket you got while traveling because you figured you wouldn't be back in the area soon enough for it to matter. Or maybe you simply forgot about that pesky parking ticket you got while downtown. Whatever the situation, ... this could mean higher rates or flat-out rejection the next time you need an auto, mortgage, or other type of loan--even if your credit was formerly spotless."

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