Buying a condo is unique to buying a new home - you’re also becoming part of a community. It requires different considerations and detailed expertise in evaluating the opportunity. Fortunately, for Berg Larsen Group clients the team brings first-hand knowledge and experience.

Following the sale of a single-family house, Joseph W. and Raul F. had been renting a condo for several years. Tired of unreliable building maintenance and rent increases, they were ready to pursue a different option and had simple criteria: To be within walking distance of a park, preferably on the perimeter of a lake, and they wanted to own a condo. They turned to Barry Berg for guidance, who helped them find the right place - a luxury penthouse in Bloomington.

Envision the Possibilities

While the couple found a condo that met their criteria, they weren’t crazy about the decor. Instead of taking a pass on an otherwise potentially great fit, “Barry had us envision what we wanted to do with it, and then he offered trusted resources to achieve our vision,” says Joseph.

He elaborates, “Whether we wanted something opulent or something more functional, Barry knew exactly who to refer us to.”

 “Beyond Good Luck”

Condo ownership brings many considerations. Navigating a homeowners association (HOA) and a “mountain of paperwork” added a new layer to the couple’s buying process. As a first-time condo buyer, Joseph says it was “beyond good luck” to have Barry’s extensive insight.

He explains, “Barry’s knowledge of condo operations was unequivocally an asset that absolutely had to be had. Besides rules and regulations, Barry knew exactly what questions to ask. It was like he provided us with a handbook to condo ownership.” That’s because Barry himself is a seasoned condo owner and an experienced board member of the HOA in his Downtown East building.

Making it Manageable

Utilizing his knowledge of HOAs, Barry combed through the community’s documents and information, identifying essential details, considerations, and bylaws.

“I didn’t understand all the terminology or purpose, so he distilled it for me,” says Joseph. “He explained what to expect, how healthy HOAs function, and what you should be looking for to ensure it’s set up for continued success.”

Seal the Deal

With insight into the operations of condo HOAs and having a vast referral network of vendors for updating things like the kitchen and laundry room, the couple sealed the deal on their new home.

Barry’s guidance “extended way beyond a sale” because at the Berg Larsen Group, finding your future home is more than closing on a property. It's about envisioning the possibilities.

“As much as I would recommend Barry to anybody that was looking for a Realtor, I would become almost rabid with excitement to say you’ve got to go with Barry Berg if you’re buying a condo,” says Joseph with animated conviction.

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