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A we celebrate the coming of green grass, the blooming of flowers and the warming of our lakes, we will be donating $100 for every new listing we put on the market to the local non-profit People for Parks. We’ve asked each Berg Larsen Group agent how they use the local park systems and what they enjoy most about them. Below, business leader and professional Realtor Barry Berg shares how he uses the park system.

How were you first introduced to the Minneapolis Parks? 
Barry: "When I first moved to Minneapolis fresh out of grad school in ’75, I lived in a carriage house in Kenwood, where I was drawn as a runner to the joy and beauty of Lake of the Isles and adjoining Lake Calhoun."

What is your favorite memory in a Minneapolis Park?
Barry: "Personally, I love renting a canoe or kayak on Lake Calhoun, also known as Bde Maka Ska, and rowing through Isles and Cedar Lake into Brownie Lake.  I’ve done this numerous time with guests, as it’s a delightful and picturesque way to “see” the city and its skyline through a different lens, while also getting some healthy exercise.  I also love using the tennis courts in Kenwood Park, as they’re set in a charming, treed hollow that’s simply a photogenic and tranquil setting."

What is your favorite Minneapolis lake and why?  
Barry: "Isles, Calhoun and Harriet are my favorite lakes, each for different reasons: Isles for its peaceful aesthetic, Calhoun for its energy (great people watching as one walks around the lake), Harriet for its family friendliness, bandshell and marina.  When my kids were young, we’d enjoy picnicking along Harriet on summer evenings, as well as Sunday for brunch."

Do you use the Grand Rounds system? What do you do? 
Barry: "I’m an avid cyclist, and I love living along the river, where I can use the Grand Rounds to cycle for 2-4 hours, riding different routes as varied as the City Lakes, connecting to routes in the western/southwestern suburbs, or riding as far east as Stillwater.  It’s a great way to introduce guests or friends to the City as well.  With creative food venues in locations like Lakes Calhoun and Harriet, as well as near Minnehaha Falls, visitors have a chance to stop and enjoy the park system more fully.  As a former distance runner, I also loved (and still love) the ease of customizing runs from 3 to 10 miles or more, another fantastic way to savor our beautiful community.  And as a resident along the Mississippi, I love regularly walking the Stone Arch Bridge, especially the view returning to the city from the St. Anthony Main area."

What are you grateful for in the Minneapolis Park system? 
Barry: "The Park system is integral to what we think of as our “quality of life” in Minneapolis.  With the lakes, Minnehaha Creek, trails, and woods, we’d be far less healthy both physically and spiritually. I’ve viewed a Sunday morning bike ride or cross country skiing as a spiritual experience, just as healthy as attending a church service, as I’m grateful for the beautiful environment we were given.  I also think it’s a tremendous symbol of the critical importance and value worldwide of nature, clean air, and the power of green space.  There are no physical structures we could build on spaces like these whose tax or aesthetic values could ever approach the value the parks provide.  All one need do is drive along the lakes on some of the early spring weekends or during events like the Loppet in winter to appreciate how much our parks mean to resident’s metro wide."

This Spring, the Berg Larsen Group is donating $100 for every new listing we put on the market to the local non-profit People for Parks. This group describes themselves as, “a non-profit organization created to stimulate financial and community support for Minneapolis Parks from citizens, businesses and organizations. We carry out special projects in cooperation with our donors and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. Our purpose is to sponsor programs and projects that enhance and promote our city's park services and facilities.”

From planting trees, to improving playgrounds, to neighborhood engagement activities and so much more, People for Parks works hard at contributing to improvement and growth of our incredible park systems, which we all use. Parks create community in our neighborhoods, allowing neighbors from all backgrounds and ages to enjoy a beautiful safe setting in magnificent nature.

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