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Posted by Brandon Vasquez on Thursday, January 13th, 2011 at 3:33pm.

I’m sometimes asked about the similarities of and differences between practicing law and acting as a real estate agent.  I always respond that 25 years of practicing law is great training to be an effective agent. 

For example...attorneys know that it is all about attention to detail.  A misplaced or ill-considered word here or there in a legal document can cause major problems.  Careful word choice is equally important in a purchase agreement or other real estate documents.  The starting point may be a form agreement, but how the blanks are filled in and what addendums are attached are critical in creating documents that meet the intent of the parties to the transaction. 

So too, meeting the service expectations of your clients is critical in both law and the real estate industry.  Calls need to be returned quickly, responses to emails sent in timely manner and appointments for meetings kept.  Common sense maybe, but I’m always surprised by the number of attorneys and real estate agents who miss these simple courtesies. 

Mostly, working with legal clients and real estate customers requires the use of many of the same careful listening skills. It is imperative to hear and respect the desires and needs of the client.  You also need to hear what is being communicated from the other side of a transaction in order to come to a place where all parties leave the transaction satisfied with not only the outcome, but also the experience. 

I joined the Barry Berg Group because I found a group of professionals who share my vision of client service.

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