In certain aspects of life, professionals turn to other professionals for expert guidance. Doctors consult with fellow doctors, lawyers seek advice from their legal peers, and Realtors like Denise H. choose the Berg Larsen Group.

After dedicating nearly two decades to helping others buy and sell homes in the Twin Cities, Denise found herself ready to part with her own home of 38 years and embrace condo living. Recognizing the significance of this transition, she sought the support of seasoned industry professionals, ultimately turning to the Berg Larsen Group. 

Throughout her real estate career, Denise had crossed paths with Barry Berg and Chad Larsen on several occasions.

“I always had respect for the way they did business,” Denise reflects. “The Berg Larsen Group does this full time and they’re serious about what they’re doing. I knew that they would have a professional attitude.” 

Crossing T’s and Dotting I’s

A meticulous professional herself, Denise values attention to detail and thoroughness.

“I am a t-crosser and an i-dotter, so I like to work with somebody who also conducts themselves that way,” explains Denise. 

Chad Larsen’s commitment to precision went beyond her expectations. Not only was Chad diligent with details and timing, he also demonstrated exceptional responsiveness in client communication. Denise emphasizes that even when Chad was out of reach momentarily, he unfailingly returned her calls within the hour.

“Even when Chad told me that he was heading out of town, he still called me before a dinner reservation saying ‘Don’t worry, I have time’,” Denise recalls with a touch of humor. 

There’s a Reason it’s Called the Berg Larsen Group

While Chad spearheaded Denise’s home buying and selling process, she felt the comprehensive support of the entire Berg Larsen Group. In determining the listing price, Chad sought input from other team members. During showings in Chad’s absence, Denise was accompanied by other Berg Larsen Group Realtors. Even in the staging process, office manager Deb Shafer and transaction manager Krista Eull, both licensed Realtors, provided valuable advice.

The Early Bird

After successfully selling her home near Bde Mka Ska with Chad’s expertise, Denise set her sights on a premier condominium. Identifying two ideal buildings, she faced the challenge of no available units. However, Chad’s commitment to client satisfaction shone through when he called Denise at 8 a.m. on the day the properties hit the markets. 

Denise, who was temporarily unable to make an offer due to travel plans, appreciated Chad’s patience. Rather than feeling pressured, she observed Chad’s unwavering readiness whenever she decided to proceed. With Chad’s guidance, Denise crafted a desirable offer, navigated months of negotiations, and secured her incredible new space.

“The buying process was just as favorable as the selling process,” Denise affirms. “I would recommend Chad and Barry to anybody mentioning buying or selling a home.” 

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