As in all things Internet, when it comes to real estate there is good information and there is bad information. Some consumers are being misled into thinking they are looking at “the source” of all things real estate--the MLS.

We get the occasional call from our sellers and buyers, mild panic in their voices, asking why their home or the one they are searching for isn’t on the MLS. After we login to the database of our Regional Multiple Listing Service – NorthstarMLS, and conduct their same search, invariably we find the home they are searching for. What went awry?

They were searching the likes of,, or (fictitious names to protect the innocent).

The Facts

Consumers do NOT have…

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Autumn Berries

With the beautiful Fall weather we are enjoying, and with the Minnesota Twins chance to make it past the first round of the playoffs, it is a good time to take stock of your home’s condition and prepare it for the Fall Real Estate Market.

If your home is on the market, there a few simple things that you can do to make sure your home remains in great showing condition. Here a few ideas:

Window washing: If you live in an old home like I did, every fall we had to switch the screens for the storms on the home. It is a perfect opportunity to wash the windows, whether by Windex sprayer at the end or your hose, or professionally. Making a first impression is important, and you would be surprised how dirt on the windows cuts down on the light in a home.…

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