The Twin Cities and greater metropolitan area is known for offering a variety of truly excellent neighborhoods - from luxurious lakeside living to charming suburban residences. For decades, the Berg Larsen Group has successfully paired people with the homes that are right for them in the communities that we know best. 

While our clients are primarily concentrated around the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes, Downtown Minneapolis, and Edina, we’ve helped people buy and sell their homes in more than 100 zip codes from the western suburbs to the east metro and beyond. By focusing on some distinct geographies, we’ve developed a deep knowledge and understanding of their key characteristics and offerings. Whether you’re looking for a specific architecture,…

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As the market welcomes new listings and prospective buyers want to find the perfect home, Barry Berg and Chad Larsen are here to offer their expert insights for navigating showings with ease. The season is both thrilling and bustling for everyone involved. Rest assured, our guidance is designed to keep you prepared and poised during this dynamic spring period. By dedicating time to preparation, we think you'll be pleased with the results.

It’s the Little Things

Before putting your house on the market, the Berg Larsen Group recommends hiring professionals for the first round of deep cleaning. Hiring a team to do the initial sweep makes upkeep between showings easier. When prospective buyers walk through your home, we want to give them a clean slate…

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With the hustle and bustle of the spring real estate market, it’s the season of showings and open houses. While both provide key opportunities - for buyers to explore properties and for sellers to get their homes in front of prospective buyers - there are notable differences and strategies to consider. 

Chad Larsen and Barry Berg share their perspective on several important questions. 

What’s an open house versus a showing?

When people hear the phrase “open house,” they tend to think of one definition: an event where the general public can tour your home. While that is one type of open house, the Berg Larsen Group notes that there are also open houses exclusive to Realtors. These Realtor-only events allow agents to get acquainted with the…

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When the time comes to sell a family home, the journey is filled with memories and emotions. For Sally R. and her siblings, this began with the decision to sell their parents' beloved home in St. Louis Park, a property not just rich in memories but also situated on a substantial lot in a highly sought-after neighborhood.

Sally was familiar with the Berg Larsen Group because their “sold” signs decorated her parents’ neighborhood for years. She’d heard that they’re known for their extensive industry experience and profound knowledge of the upper-bracket real estate market, so she reached out to Barry Berg for an initial meeting.

Sally explains, “People think it’s easy to sell their own house, but I think it’s important to have a partner and a…

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This story is about more than just selling and buying a home; it centers on trust, timing, and the transformative power of expert guidance to make something complex become simple. For Jeff and his family, the idea of simplicity became a welcomed reality when the Berg Larsen Group introduced an opportunity that aligned with their future needs and aspirations.

Living happily and comfortably in their Edina home that Barry and Chad sold them several years prior, Jeff and his wife were considering "right-sizing" once their kids left for college. Their long standing relationship and previous successful real estate moves with the Berg Larsen Group instilled enough trust and confidence to explore an unexpected opportunity - an interested party who wanted to…

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Sometimes it’s hard to believe the spring market starts in February, but thankfully this year’s great weather (well, minus this week’s substantial winter storm) has everyone thinking about whether they’re ready to move. That means preparation is the key to maximizing this particularly opportune time. Barry Berg and Chad Larsen offer a perspective on what buyers and sellers can do now to make the most of this season. 

“The sooner we have the chance to start discussing things, the better we can help you,” Barry assures. 

Sellers: Spring into Action to List Your Home 

Act quickly before listing your property by focusing on a few high-priority projects to get your home ready to sell. Touch up the paint and declutter wherever necessary. It’s too early…

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“They live up to their excellent reputation.” 

That’s the quote that now graces our billboard display, near our Bde Mka Ska office. We don’t often use billboards, but when this prime spot became available, it felt like the right opportunity to connect. 

To make the most of this space, we decided we would try to capture our essence through fresh photographs. So, we got dressed up and gathered our team at 35 Groveland Terrace on an overcast December morning. It was quite a fun day as we enjoyed each other’s company in a new property we proudly represent. 

When it came time to choose the right headline for the billboard, we knew that we wanted to feature something our clients had said about us. After all, your words often convey our identity more…

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Trust and expertise transform real estate from ordinary to extraordinary, which was paramount for Hunt Greene and Jane Piccard. After 37 years in their picturesque Lake Minnetonka residence, Hunt and Jane recently transitioned to a nearby townhome. Their journey was marked by a steadfast partnership with the Berg Larsen Group.

“Barry Berg’s name is synonymous with excellence in the Minnesota real estate scene, “ says Hunt, who first met Barry during their time at Harvard Business School in the ‘70s.

When Hunt and Jane first arrived in Minnesota in 1976, Barry was there to guide them through the purchase of their initial home. A decade later, they sought Barry's expertise to sell their first house and transition to the stunning Lake Minnetonka…

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The prospect of a new year often prompts reflection and resolution. We ask ourselves what’s next. Perhaps we recommit to what’s already working for us or maybe we commit to something new. Both are viable options, even when it comes to our homes.

At some point, you decided to buy your current home. For many Berg Larsen Group clients, a home is a long-term commitment. It’s common for people to find the home that checks all the boxes and then to make adaptations as life changes. We have clients who have stayed in their current homes for decades, and it warms our hearts that the home remains the right fit and the best financial decision.

However, you may ponder whether you’re interested and ready for your next home. Life is a series of what’s next, so…

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One of the many perks of living in Minnesota is being able to experience all four seasons and the variety of outdoor activities they offer. 

Subject to snow conditions, Barry Berg often enjoys cross country skiing during the winter months. For Chad Larsen, platform tennis is the way to go. 

“Playing platform tennis, or paddle tennis, is a great outdoor sport to embrace the winter weather,” says Chad. “It is a fast-paced, doubles game that is great for exercise and camaraderie.”

In addition to enjoying winter sports, Chad has a tradition of incorporating seasonal elements into some sweet treats. 

Chad explains, “Over the years, starting when we first moved to Minnesota 25 years ago, we have gone strawberry picking, raspberry picking, and…

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