Buying a condo is unique to buying a new home - you’re also becoming part of a community. It requires different considerations and detailed expertise in evaluating the opportunity. Fortunately, for Berg Larsen Group clients the team brings first-hand knowledge and experience.

Following the sale of a single-family house, Joseph W. and Raul F. had been renting a condo for several years. Tired of unreliable building maintenance and rent increases, they were ready to pursue a different option and had simple criteria: To be within walking distance of a park, preferably on the perimeter of a lake, and they wanted to own a condo. They turned to Barry Berg for guidance, who helped them find the right place - a luxury penthouse in Bloomington.


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Realtor Barry Berg talks about the Spring real estate market in the Twin Cities and how we can help buy or sell a home.Realtor Barry Berg has over 40 years of experience as a realtor in the Twin Cities.

Spring is fleeting in the Twin Cities - not just the weather but traditionally also the real estate market. However, 2023 is shaping up differently and that means there is continued opportunity to buy or sell a home. Partner Barry Berg offers a perspective for buyers and sellers this season.

 Spring is Full of Possibilities

 Historically, the peak of real estate sales activity simmers down by late spring, so prospective sellers are traditionally encouraged to list their properties by March or April.  That’s not the case this year. The Berg Larsen Group anticipates that a healthy seller’s market will continue throughout May and June. This is great news if you have…

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Aaron and Esther Voss - Sold with the Berg Larsen Group

Aaron Voss considers the experience of selling his home with the Berg Larsen Group as “a blessing”. Aaron was introduced to the group seven years ago after his company, Classic Home Painting, was contacted by Kate Wall, business partner and realtor with the Berg Larsen Group, for a project at her personal residence. Kate immediately recognized the quality of their work and has been recommending Classic Home Painting to her clients ever since, building the foundation for a long-standing professional relationship that continues today.

The Background

In October 2022, Aaron Voss sold his “castle” in Eagan with the help of the Berg Larsen Group so that he could build his dream home in Naples,…

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Lately, we have been fielding lots of questions from clients about home mortgages. To get some answers, we tapped into some of our trusted resources and have compiled their responses for you. Today, Liz Koehler and Jody Kern with Bell Bank Mortgage, and Dean Schiffler with Guaranteed Rate are here to answer all of your most asked questions.

 How do you decide which type of mortgage is best for a client?

“Every level of buyer is different and their personal circumstances matter,” says Dean.

Mortgage lenders can help you determine what type of mortgage is best based on your goals, financial situation, and individual circumstance.

 Jody explains, “Credit scores, home price, and down payment amount factor into the advice I provide. We offer…

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Jon Ness - Licensed Realtor and Business Partner 

As houses go on the market and buyers start their search, Jon Ness, licensed realtor and partner at the Berg Larsen Group, shares his best tips on surviving showings. For buyers and sellers alike, showings season is an exciting and busy time. We are here to help you stay prepared and organized amid this active spring season. By following Jon’s advice to put extra work in ahead of time, you can do more than just survive showings - you might even enjoy them.

It’s the Little Things

Before putting your house on the market, we recommend hiring professionals to do the first round of deep cleaning. Hiring a team to do the initial sweep makes your upkeep between showings easier to maintain. When…

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Chad Larsen - Business Partner and Licensed Realtor

After selling three condos within two weeks, colleagues started asking Berg Larsen Group Partner Chad Larsen, “Is the condo market back?” To which he emphatically says yes, and it prompted this blog post to ask and answer a few more questions.

Timing is Everything

For condo owners who have decided to sell, their decision didn’t happen overnight. Many people started thinking about moving last year and in the meantime, invested in updating their space. After some new flooring, painting, and light renovations, their units were ready to hit the market. Instead of rushing to list their condos, people waited until after the Superbowl to put things into motion, anticipating the surge of buyers this…

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When it comes to buying or selling a home, spring is the season of “ready, set, go!” Kate Wall, a partner at the Berg Larsen Group, walks us through the process. Having lived in seven states and owned six homes, Kate’s knowledge and experience extend far beyond her 11 years as a Realtor.

Looking to buy?

Explore the neighborhood

Whether you’re considering a move across the country or just to a new neck of the woods, the first step is pinning down neighborhoods and discovering your priorities. Kate emphasizes the importance of driving through the area at different times of the day, different days of the week, and even during your typical commute time. Get acquainted with the grocery stores, restaurants, and parks. You’ll pick up on the vibe as…

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Sometimes coming home really is as easy as it seems - as long as you have the right help.

Katherine and Joe Chaves learned that truth while moving halfway across the country with the help of the Berg Larsen Group. Joe, a Minnesota native, and his wife Katherine met while studying at the University of Michigan six years ago. After graduating, the couple moved to the east coast, living and working in New York until 2021 when they became pragmatic about their lifestyle goals as they welcomed their first child. They decided to return to Joe’s roots, and start their family in Minnesota.

Outlining Criteria

To prepare for the move, Katherine and Joe started looking at homes online, pinpointing neighborhoods in Southwest Minneapolis and first-ring…

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Over the past 40 years, our business has grown through referrals. Although never requested, past clients and recommendations continue to be the backbone of our success.

As we eagerly anticipate spring, the real estate market naturally cycles toward fresh inventory for March, April, and early May, the prime time for home sellers. These months provide home buyers with the best choices and the ability to close at the end of the school year.

Founding partner of the Berg Larsen Group and Twin Cities realtor for over 40 years, Barry Berg, discusses the impact of referrals and how this helps home buyers and sellers find the right fits for their lifestyle needs.

Referrals Create Opportunities for Buyers and Sellers

Buyers and sellers appreciate…

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Digital marketing continues to transform every business, including real estate. People don’t think twice about using a QR code or watching a YouTube video on the go, via their phone. We’ve come to expect these, but like you, we’re discerning and endeavor to set the standard with digital storytelling that captures the essence of the homes we list for sale.

Chad Larsen - Business Partner and Realtor

Chad Larsen shares his thoughts on why our team continues to invest in technology and digital marketing that help our clients buy and sell their homes.

Data + Digital

Various sources like Zillow, Realtor.Com,, and Redfin help people see a multitude of homes for sale. In Minnesota, Realtors participate in NorthstarMLS, one of…

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