After two decades in Deephaven’s picturesque, resort-like neighborhood of Cottagewood, Deb and Dan decided it was time to embark on the next chapter of homeownership. They were ready to return to the city and take advantage of the ease of condo living.

Their quest for an urban abode led them on a Zillow search, but the places they found were bland at best—however, a particular address on Humboldt Ave. S., a captivating 110-year-old building with seven units, repeatedly caught their eye, even though it didn’t have all their initial wish-list items.

Cue Chad Larsen from the Berg Larsen Group. What unfolded next was a seamless transition guided by expertise, unparalleled service, and a touch of serendipity. They sought Chad’s counsel because they felt…

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There's a right time and a wrong time to buy or sell a home -- only it’s not what you think it is. You may see stories in the media or listen to a well-meaning friend or family member. They lead you to believe you can time the market, but the market isn’t one size fits all, and this is especially true for homes valued at one million or more.

With more than 60 combined years of experience with upper-bracket homes in the Twin Cities’ most iconic neighborhoods, Chad Larsen and Barry Berg conclude that timing is more a matter of what you can do now to be ready when it feels right for you. 

While some times of the year are “better” than others, it’s really a matter of strategically positioning your property, and more importantly, it’s a matter of having…

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The Berg Larsen Group is all about building trust relationships – with clients, vendors and other real estate professionals. 

“I don’t see myself as a salesman,” explains Barry Berg. “I’m a counselor. I’m here to listen to you and get to know you. Because when I understand what’s important to you, I’m able to help you find the right home, in the right neighborhood, and the right community, where I know you’ll be incredibly happy.”

Our Network is Your Network

For decades, the Berg Larsen Group has been counseling upper-bracket clients and matching them with their dream homes. But in many ways, that’s only the beginning of the relationship. 

The support you receive from Barry and Chad goes well beyond closing, as their network of referrals…

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Mention the names Barry Berg or Chad Larsen to anyone familiar with the Twin Cities real estate market and you’ll hear all kinds of flattering remarks. 

That’s no surprise considering Barry and Chad have been setting the standard in upper-bracket real estate for nearly two decades. Together, their shared values and professional approaches offer clients a level of service and expertise that’s unmatched. 

“The best part of any business is the personal connections and friendships you build along the way,” Barry says. In their partnership, the meaningful relationships Barry and Chad enjoy aren’t only with clients, but each other. Although they’re unified in their values, professionalism and proficiency, they each bring distinct personalities and…

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Living in the Twin Cities, including metro and suburban areas, means you’re never too far from the water. The largest of the Twin Cities lakes is Lake Minnetonka, located just 10 miles west of downtown Minneapolis. It boasts more than 125 miles of shoreline and features many different lifestyle and lifestage options. 

When it comes to pairing people with homes and neighborhoods, Barry Berg knows the right questions to ask. If you’re interested in lake life, read on.

The Good Life

With a rich history of beauty, boating, and relaxation, Lake Minnetonka is an epicenter for the west metro. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, the lake was known for grand hotels, summer cottages and country estates. By the late 20th century, seasonal housing had…

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For many of our clients, suburbs like Edina and Eden Prairie offer just what they want. With many similarities, there are also appealing differences. Barry Berg shares some highlights. 

The Best of Both Worlds

Edina and Eden Prairie share many characteristics that draw the attention of homebuyers, including proximity to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and major arterial roadways. This ensures that people can experience the suburban lifestyle while enjoying easy transportation.

Southwest Schools

The two suburbs appeal to buyers with children due to their rigorous academics. According to the 2023 Niche K-12 rankings, Edina High School and Eden Prairie High School rank among the top five best public high schools in the…

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It all began with a simple email.

Chad recalls, “In March of 2021, Ryan Sadeghi, Account Director at a local architecture fim, reached out to us about a four-unit condominium project on Lowry Hill he was spearheading for the owners, who happened to be his parents.” 

Ryan had just received preliminary approval from the city and was in the early stages of assembling an award-winning team of architects, designers and builders. The last piece of the puzzle involved finding a partner he could count on for expertise in ensuring the stunning work of art and architecture they were creating would appeal to the right audience of discerning potential buyers.

It's no surprise Berg Larsen Group was at the top of the list. As premier Realtors in upper-bracket…

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In 2019, PKA Architecture was presented with a rare opportunity: design a boutique four-unit condominium in a historic location overlooking the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and the iconic downtown skyline. 

“It was one of those dream projects where the client was so full of enthusiasm it was contagious,” Kris says. “They were all about creating something special that would be a legacy building in the neighborhood.”

“Kris and I took a lot of inspiration from the location,” Craig adds. “We wanted each unit to frame the perfect view of the city.” 

They succeeded in a breathtaking way. Step into any unit and you’ll be greeted by the dazzling tapestry of the Minneapolis skyline. Floor-to-ceiling windows run the full width of the room, beckoning you…

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As an account director at a major architectural firm in Minneapolis, Ryan Sadeghi has spearheaded many projects, but none quite as personal as 35 Groveland Terrace.

“You could say I was born for this one,” Ryan jokes, having grown up in the 1905 house that used to stand on the site. But a few years ago, Ryan’s family decided it was time to start an exciting new chapter. 

“We wanted to share this special location and all the great experiences it offered us with three other families,” he says. “My parents envisioned a boutique, four-unit condominium they could live in that plays off the surrounding architecture and the history of Lowry Hill.”

Ryan partnered with PKA Architecture to bring that vision to life, embracing a contemporary design…

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With longer days and extra sunshine, people are out and about, enjoying what makes the Twin Cities so special. The Berg Larsen Group has been working with clients to buy and sell their homes in neighborhoods across the Twin Cities for decades. The knowledge that we have of these areas extends beyond our work, as many people on our team live in these neighborhoods. Our summer blogs will highlight several of the distinct neighborhoods throughout the metro area.

We asked our Kenwood local, business partner and licensed realtor Kate Wall, why she chose to live in the neighborhood, and why she continues to love it after all these years. 

Kenwood’s Rich History

Kenwood is nestled between the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes. Only a few miles from downtown,…

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